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White Labeling (putting your own brand on products) is a potentially expensive process as you have to address a number of issues.

  1. Get a label designed. Now while this is not expensive as a single process but you have to do this for every product you want to sell. (figure $150 a product)

  2. Get labels printed for use on an assembly line. ($60 to $150 per product)

  3. Bar Codes listed under your brand if you want to sell on Amazon or in Retail locations. ($250 min for 10 products – $2500 for 11 -99 products)

  4. Some product lines have over 100 options – (30,000 min for 100 products)

  5. Get inventory on a shelf – (minimum order quantities can apply) ( $$$)

We can provide labels and products as part of our supply models with little or no cost outside of product ordering. Our minimums are reasonable as well.

How can we do this?

The founder is a former consulting Print expert for Adobe and has resolved such issues for companies such as Sears, Pizza Hut, Coleman and American Airlines among many others. This expertise helped solve this “white label startup cost” problem for small to medium concerns. If you are a large concern and considering white labeling – we can help reduce your startup costs as well using these custom technologies.

Contact us about putting your brand on our products.  Let us know how we can help.

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