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  • I absolutely love this product! I bought the mint oil to help with my pain management and I noticed an immediate improvement in my day-to-day activities. A few drops every night has also increased my sleep quality. Personally, I think this oil is a very healthy way to slow the aging process.

    Fogoros, Andrew. “Mint Hemp Extract Oil.” Mint Hemp Extract Oil | WAAYB Organics | Berthoud, CO, WAAYB Organics, 19 Oct. 2017, waayb.com/product/waayb-organics-mint-hemp-extract-oil/.

    Andrew Fogoros
  • I was having severe back pain and even had steroid injections in my back when someone told me about Hemp Extract Oil. I started using WAAYB Organics Hemp Extract Oil two times a day a few weeks ago and I feel better than I have in a long time and I am 85 years old. I have NO pain anywhere. I will NOT give up my Hemp Extract Oil.

    W, Mary. “Cinnamon Hemp Extract Oil.” Cinnamon Hemp Extract Oil | WAAYB Organics | Berthoud, CO, WAAYB Organics, 27 Oct. 2017, waayb.com/product/waayb-organics-cinnamon-hemp-extract-oil/.

    Mary W.
  • Amazing! I would definitely recommend this company and there products to anyone who is looking for pain relief from fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

    Bishop, Brandi (BBishop420). “Review of Endo Scientific.” https://www.facebook.com/BBishop420/posts/1565329130155202:0 4 September 2017. Facebook review.

    Brandi Bishop
  • Great source … for Hemp products. If you are in the area please check them out. Great people doing a fantastic job.

    Isenstein, Daniel (daniel.isenstein). “Review of Endo Scientific.” https://www.facebook.com/daniel.isenstein/posts/10210215000553985:0 1 September, 2017. Facebook review.

    Daniel Isenstein
  • I compared earlier to other companies Hemp Products, and I saw this is the best company on the market! Thank you guys!

    Zabugorsky, Oleg (olegzabugorsky). “Review of Endo Scientific.” https://www.facebook.com/olegzabugorsky/posts/185797095295766:0 1 September 2017. Facebook review.

    Oleg Zabugorsky
  • Endo Scientific products are wonderful. Clean, pesticide free hemp oils are the best and all the employees are extremely knowledgeable.

    Gold, Jenny (jenny.gold). “Review of Endo Scientific.” https://www.facebook.com/jenny.gold/posts/10155313807763119:0 22 May 2017. Facebook review.

    Jenny Gold
  • Awesome, knowledgeable people with some of the best hemp products on the market.

    Bassel, Sean (sean.bassel). “Review of Endo Scientific.” https://www.facebook.com/sean.bassel/posts/10208768877051027:0 22 May 2017. Facebook review.

    Sean Bassel

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