Our Mission / About Us

Headway Bio-Sciences has a mission to improve the quality of our customer lives. We have a series of sites – which this is the one that focuses on Pain Management, Anxiety, and Skin Conditions.  I have expereinces some set backs with my health and while I co consult Medical Professionals as I recommend you do as well, I have searched for alternatives.

TheTotalBodyBalance.com is a site that is my personal path into the healing space. specializes in products and information to help you take a proactive approach to health and your body.  This site and site – leverages a wide variety of technologies – PEMF, REIKI, Vibratory Plate Systems, Hyperbaric Chamber, Cold Laser, and TEMS/Electrical Stimulation.  I also leverage my intuitive skills and skills in releasing energies within someone’s life. 

HealthyLivingWithEMF.com is an educational site, about our bodies and the bodies of our children be subjected to over 26M times the Wireless frequencies that many had during their childhood if they are over 40.  This is a huge concern for many countries but seems to fall in the back of the stage in the US.

ArmisTek.com is the company we are building to offer products that protect us and our children from this invisible hazard. This hazard is so great that when working on CELL TOWERS and RADIO TOWERS it recommends they be powered down to avoid skin burns. 

TotalBodyBalance.com is the IRS 501.3C charity focused on research of methods, procedures, and technologies that improve our state of living.

Overall it is my mission and my companies mission, to provide scientifically verified information and rigorously tested products of the highest quality so that you can feel confident you are purchasing something that has been tried and proven effective when shopping with us.

We will be introducing Pure Encapsulations Supplements online once we finalize our efforts with the company to ensure we meet their guidelines and policies. 

I as the founder began this company as an extension of his search for chronic pain relief.

Since taking a proactive approach to his health, he has gone from living on pain medications and oxygen treatments daily to only requiring oxygen at night and no daily pain medication.  He has regained strength in his body and a zest for life. 

The main instrument in his healing is Hemp Extract.  He attributes these products to eliminating a 15-year daily need for prescription drugs.

Since he personally reaped the benefits of the various products on this site he wanted to share them with anyone who could benefit from his findings.

It is my hope that if you are suffering, we can offer resources to help heal your body.


John Head